About the Wildlife Trust

Red deer, otters, clouds of butterflies fluttering over drifts of wild flowers. Beneath the water a bullhead hides in rare pondweeds, whilst overhead a peregrine falcon stoops on its unsuspecting prey. We are not in the wilds of Scotland, we are in the industrial heart of the Midlands. The wildlife of Birmingham and the Black Country is as rich and varied as that of any other part of the United Kingdom. The rare and the special are here, from scarce mammals like polecats and water voles to bright dragonflies and horned beetles. Adding spice to this is an astounding mix of plants reflecting the many peoples and trades that have come here from around the world – seeds brought on wool from Argentina or parakeets from tropical Africa.

This is wildlife that is as exciting and cosmopolitan as the people who live here, ancient woodlands, centuries old, elsewhere urban commons where nature reclaims and heals the scars of forgotten factories and mines. All this wealth of life shares its living space with over two million people making it a precious resource. The green spaces filter and clean the air, soothe our senses, hold back rainwater that would otherwise cause chaotic flooding and even help cool us during extreme heatwaves.

Parks and gardens, nature reserves and forgotten corners, linked by a web of canals, rivers and streams are our living landscape, a patchwork of green vitality. The wildlife of Birmingham and the Black Country is a metaphor for its communities; ancient denizens with deep roots living alongside newcomers who have seen the promise of this rich and varied landscape and chosen it as their new home.

The Wildlife Trust works to create a Living Landscape for wildlife and people in Birmingham and the Black Country.

We champion wildlife and green spaces, caring for wildlife across the area. We support communities and friends groups to help them look after and enjoy their local wildlife and green spaces. Our education projects introduce children to the natural world and help local people understand and appreciate their environment and the contribution wildlife makes to their wellbeing.

We are a registered charity and depend on the generous support of our members and other donors to carry out our vital work.