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A Wilder Birmingham and Black Country

Our strategy for 2022-2030

Our Strategy for a Wilder Future

A Wilder Birmingham and Black Country with more green and wild spaces where nature thrives, and where everyone has an equal opportunity to access nature in their daily lives.

The Wildlife Trust will strengthen our position as the strategic nature conservation leader in Birmingham and the Black Country, influencing how our landscape evolves to adapt to changing populations, lifestyle and land use.  
We will engage with all sections of our community to make nature an integral part of people’s lives. We will work together to help reverse nature’s decline, creating better places to live and improve health and wellbeing.

Birmingham and the Black Country will become a place where wildlife and wild places are abundant, accessible and thriving. 

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Together we need to tackle the race against climate change and environmental damage. 

Join us to achieve our vision for a Wilder Birmingham and Black Country!


Goal 1

Nature is in recovery, with abundant, diverse wildlife across Birmingham and the Black Country.

By 2030 we want to see 30% of Birmingham and the Black Country’s landscape managed for the benefit of wildlife. We will work to protect, restore and connect wilder landscapes where wildlife and people can thrive.

Children dipping the EcoPark pond

Goal 2

People are taking action for nature and the climate across Birmingham and the Black Country.

By 2030 we want to see at least 1 in 4 people across Birmingham and the Black Country taking action for nature. We will inspire and engage people to take action for wildlife and enable communities to develop a positive and meaningful connection with their local natural environment.


Goal 3

Nature is playing a central and valued role in helping to address local and global problems.

By 2030 we aim for 500 hectares of land to be improved to provide nature-based solutions to the ecological and climate crises. We will help nature to help us by restoring and creating habitats that can draw down carbon from the atmosphere, reduce local flooding and pollution, whilst promoting nature-based solutions to help improve our physical and mental wellbeing.