Our Wild Work

Our Wild Work

Credit: Bertie Gregory/2020Vision

The landscape of Birmingham and the Black Country has a rich social, economic and natural heritage shaped by a complex history of rural, industrial, and more recent suburban and commercial land use. The wildlife is as varied and valuable as that of any other part of the United Kingdom.

The rare and the special are here, from scarce mammals like water voles and polecats to dragonflies and kingfishers, plus a huge variety of plant life, as documented in the trailblazing book ‘Flora of Birmingham and the Black Country’. Adding spice to this is an astounding mix of species reflecting the many peoples and trades that have come here from around the world – for example plants grown from Argentinian seeds, and African parakeets.

In line with our mission to see Birmingham and the Black Country internationally recognised for the quality and quantity of its wildlife within a generation our work has developed along these themes:

Early Bumblebee

Credit: Penny Frith

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