Our Staff & Trustees

Meet our team

Chief Executive

Dr Delia Garratt


Staff Simon

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Alison Wilkes

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Natalie Norton - Senior Conservation Officer

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Paul - Senior Conservation Officer
Senior Conservation Officer - Tom Hartland-Smith

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Sammy Pritchard

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Sara Carvalho, EcoRecord Manager

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Andy Slater

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Education & Engagement

Gareth Morgan - Head of Education & Engagement

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Jake Williams

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Fundraising & Communications

Emma Thompson - Head of Fundraising & Communications

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Finance & Resources

Atul Thaker, Finance Manager, atul.t@bbcwildlife.org.uk

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Trust Council

Our Trustees are elected by our members at our AGM and bring a wealth of knowledge and specialist expertise. Please contact the Trust if you think you have the skills to support our work as a trustee.

Chair of Trustees Simon Needle
Ian Trueman
Martin Smith

Credit: Eva Phillips

Mel Knight
Nicholas Crombie
Sandy Taylor

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