Nature Improvement Area Resources

Blue Rock Quarry, Rowley HillsNature Improvement Area

Please feel free to download the resources on this page to find out more about Nature Improvement Area projects.

The first attachment is a report by Oliver Hölzinger of CEEP on the value of the work done through the NIA when assessing Ecosystem Services.

Also attached are copies of the 8 posters we displayed at a recent event explaining what we do and some of the achievements we have made so far.


FilenameFile size
Nature Improvement Area Ecosystem Assessment3.72 MB
Introduction7.96 MB
Achievements10.19 MB
Woodlands10.91 MB
Grasslands9.49 MB
Wetland Corridors5.3 MB
Heathland & Geology7.2 MB
Community Involvement4.9 MB
The Future for the NIA5.94 MB