Get involved with the Nature Improvement Area

The Nature Improvement Area would not be a success without the help of thousands of volunteers helping us to achieve such fantastic results all over Birmingham and the Black Country.

If you want to help us make more improvements to the green spaces where you live, get in touch with us, either by calling 0121 454 1199 or by emailing

Details of all our volunteer days can be found here:

You could help us by volunteering at one of the sites when we're thinning and enhancing woodlands, planting out native wildflowers, managing grasslands, by cutting and removing the grass when needed, or helping to create new meadows by helping with the process of preparing the ground and then strewing green hay over it.

Also important is to monitor the sites after we've created them and letting us know what plants are growing there. We offer training and materials to groups to help them to do this.

If you want to talk to us about a potential project in a green space near you, please do so.