Sadler's Ales

Sadler's Ales

Credit: @WTBBC

We’re delighted that Sadlers Brewery have chosen us as one of two charity partners - and have even launched a beer to support our Salmon in the Stour project!

The local brewery in Lye has just expanded allowing them to produce 15million pints a year – and every time you order a pint of Salmon in the Stour, an English bitter made with Worcestershire & Herefordshire hops, Sadlers will donate 10p to the project.

Chris Sadler, owner of the family business and 5th generation brewer, takes environmental responsibility seriously. From brewing on a seasonal cycle to making sure grain goes to feed cattle, Chris is always looking for ways to make the brewery work for people and wildlife. He is even investigating using brewing by-products to create biofuel.

Sadler’s brewery has a fantastic history – I highly recommend booking on a tasting tour (and you can get the train from next door, Lye Station).

Please ask your pub landlord to stock Salmon in the Stour to support local wildlife.