Where can you spot 10,000 wild species?

In Birmingham and the Black Country!
According to EcoRecord the epic milestone was reached last week.

The 10,000th species in question? A...

...diminutive seed weevil (Apion cruentatum), which was spotted by Joshua Evans during an invertebrate survey in Oldbury.

Species recorded in Birmingham and the Black Country include a staggering 1,824 species of fly, 1,766 species of flowering plant, 1,383 species of fungi and 264 species of bird.

These records come from a wide range of wildlife recorders including expert botanists, professional ecologists and members of the public.

The high number of species recorded in Birmingham and the Black Country shows that the area supports a wide range of wild species, not just in its nature reserves but also in its parks, canals, gardens and other wild areas.

EcoRecord, the Local Environmental Record Centre, who collect and manage information on the wildlife of the area, now has over 2.6 million species records on its database.

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Infographic of species recorded


Red Weevil

Red Weevil: Mark Gurney