#National Poetry Day Haiku Competition!

Credit: Terry Whittaker/2020VISION

Tomorrow it is
National Poetry Day
Best Wild Haiku – PRIZE!

Competition close
at 5 tomorrow, could win
insulated mug!

THEME: The Wildlife of Birmingham and Black Country Good luck and #WriteWild!

This #NationalPoetryDay on 28th September we decided to have a bit of fun and ask for your wild Haiku's. You did not disappoint! We especially liked that the entries covered so many aspects of nature across Birmingham and the Black Country from herons to autumn leaves, bat walks to wildflower verges, hedgehogs to water voles and several extremely topical rat/bin mentions.

CEO Georgia Stokes had the unenviable task of picking a winner - Congratulations Mary Girvan! Georgia said 'How can I not choose Fantastic Mr Fox – it’s the book that started me off as a nature lover!' Mary, your insulated mug is on its way! 

Graeme Muirhead and Anne Brookes were runners up - well done!

Special mention goes to Julian Cartwright. Mainly becuase you made so many people laugh...

We really REALLY enjoyed reading all these little nuggets of loveliness. thank you. You can read all the entries below. 

WINNER - Mary Girvan‏
Red furry Brummie
Strutting through garden tonight
Fantastic Mr Fox


RUNNER UP - Anne Brookes‏
Spiky snuffly balls
Shuffling in garden borders
Hedgehogs delight me


RUNNER UP - Graeme Muirhead, in memory of the Brum Reapers evening at Moseley Bog:
Sweeping swish of scythes-
the tall grass topples gently...
In dappled sunlight.


SPECIAL MENTION - Julian Cartwright‏
Just been down the cut
Thought I saw a water vole
But it was a rat

Translated from the original:
Just bin down the cut
Thought ar sid a waeter vole
Tay though. Rat ay it.

And the rest of our wonderful entries.

Darren Beards
Worms wriggle around,
trees creak eerily, while a
buzzard flies away.

Moseley Bog Friends‏
Why not volunteer
At Moseley Bog and Joys Wood
Release your wild child


Homes for Bugs‏   
Brummie Red Masons
And ladybirds from Dudley
Love Homes for Bugs Wolves

Local wildlife needs
All of us to care and do
All we can to help


Georgia Stokes‏ 
Wild, peaceful canal;
heron in flight, space for thought.
My morning commute

Joe Peacock‏  
My garden's a mess
Hedgehogs nestle in leaf piles
Frogs in the long grass

Sandwell Council‏
Many butterflies
flit around flowered verges
dancing with the bees.


Lucy Underwood 
Bees buzzing around
Pretty butterflies flying
Spiders making webs

Bham Trees for Life‏  
Flames of Autumn colour
Burn brightly in once green leaves
Extinguished by wind

Martineau Gardens‏  - by an age 9 woodcrafter
Sweeping through the Night
Casting spooky moon shadows
Children search for bats

John Hill-Daniel‏ 
Creeping through the bog
In hopes of hearing bat calls
Silent Woodcraft Folk

JG Education‏   
Colours of autumn
Auburn, brown, red and gold
Fleeting; soon to fall

Simon J Dixon‏   
A rat in a bin,
eating other people's rubbish

Nicola Thorpe‏  
Shaggy ink cap find
The bog in Moseley provides
To delight woodcraft

Alastair Birch

Nature’s alarm clock
rings with the voice of thousands –
blinds remain undrawn.


September settles -
Reeds pale on the city pond;
The hedgerow is fulfilled.

Florentina Dasgupta 
Weird stuff on the ground...
Don't really know what it is
Oh! it's poop that's brown

Hannah Lewis on her job:
Brownfield wilderness
Waxcaps glisten through fescue
Bulldozers return

And her work:
Heron stands watchful
Cyclists splatter soggy leaves
Moments together

Finally - not a haiku but a very relevant poem to our office - thank you Natalie!
Dead wasp on the kitchen floor,
Dead wasp is not flying anymore,
Coffee or tea?
I swear it wasn’t me,
That caused the poor wasps mortality.

Early Bumblebee

Credit: Penny Frith

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