Raise Money for Wildlife!

We are a local charity so every penny of our income goes to protecting wildlife across Birmingham and the Black Country. You can fundraise on your own, with friends, at school, at work or as part of a group. Whatever you decide to do please let us know so we can support you and promote all your hard work.

There are lots of ways you can raise money, we're sure you have many of your own but in case you need some inspiration here's our guide to raising money with helpful tips and an A-Z of ideas to get you started! You can download and print it below.



Take the WILD WALK Challenge!

We're asking thousands of people across Birmingham and the Black Country to plan a Wild Walk in the last week of June, to enjoy the everyday nature on their doorstep whilst raising money for the Wildlife Trust. 

Whether you want to walk with your family, friends, class, colleagues or community group you can register your interest here before we launch our Wild Walk Pack next year. 

The pack will contain

- A step by step guide to organising a succesful event

- Spotting sheets, activities and games to make every walk fantastic fun

- Sponsorship forms, posters, social media ideas and tips to help raise money





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