£11,214.69 raised to preserve the magic of Moseley Bog and Joy's Wood!

£11,214.69 raised to preserve the magic of Moseley Bog and Joy's Wood!

Thank you to over 304 donors, local businesses, volunteers and supporters for making our fundraising appeal a huge success!

In May, we launched a public appeal to raise funds to repair Moseley Bog and Joy's Wood's paths and boardwalk, to protect its precious wildlife and enable visitors to continue to enjoy its unique beauty.

We're delighted to say that we exceeded our initial fundraising target of £5,000, eventually raising an incredible £11,214.69!

Over 304 donors backed our appeal, including local businesses, and we are exceedingly grateful to every single person who donated, organised an event, shared the appeal with others or volunteered their time to support us. The outpouring of love for the site, with donations coming from as far away as America, has been nothing short of breathtaking - Moseley Bog and Joy's Wood is a special place, and we will always work to keep it that way.

Our public appeal forms part of our wider plan to raise £30,000. Working with the Friends of Moseley Bog, we will repair damaged paths, boardwalks and signs to enable a more accessible and informative visit for the thousands of people who visit each year, as well as ensuring its precious wildlife is safeguarded.

THANK YOU all for your support! Here are just a few of the wonderful comments we received from our donors:

This place means so much to me. The extra walkways and maintenance since WTBBC took over have been much needed. Thank you.

I have been so glad of this precious place during lockdown and thankful to those who kindly and regularly restore it.

This is a fantastic experience every time visited. A constant and evolving source of delight!