The State of the Environment Dashboard

The B&BC LNP covers an area of around 60,000ha, has a population of 2.1 million people, and contains a unique and outstanding collection of environmental assets including canals, rivers, 2 Special Areas of Conservation (of European importance) National Nature Reserves, 19 Special Sites of Scientific Interest, 43 Local Nature Reserves, an array of local wildlife sites and green open spaces, and geological features and heritage representing 430 million years of geological time.

In helping the LNP to represent, embed and champion the natural environment in local decision making, the LNP requires a method to measure performance. The State of the Environment Dashboard will help the LNP to monitor the state of the environment, and how the current state can be moved or changed in a positive direction through effective actions and lobbying.

The Dashboard comprises a series of indicators relevant to Birmingham & the Black Country. Currently, the proposed “active” themes / indicators for the LNP are:
• the quality of the natural environment
• the length of sustainable transport routes
• encouraging exercise in the natural environment
• the effect of development on the local environment
• improve chemical and biological water quality
• climate justice: the effects of climate change on the socio-economic environment, and how green / blue infrastructure can be used to mitigate these effects

It is envisaged that the Dashboard will be an evolving performance measure informed by growing knowledge and experience. At present, more work needs to be undertaken on the sixth theme / indicator of climate justice. The LNP Board is keen to develop and improve it further. Download a copy at the bottom of the page.


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