Platt Brook Restoration Project

Work will begin at Platt Brook this WinterPlatt Brook

An insight into works to restore Platt Brook through the Birmingham and Black Country Nature Improvement Area.

In November 2012, restoration of Platt Brook in Sheldon, a project which was driven by Birmingham Brooks Partnership and partially funded by the Birmingham and Black Country Nature Improvement Area, began. The project was designed to reduce the factors causing the pollution of Platt Brook and facilitate its repair, and people living in the area were made aware of problems affecting the brook in order to aid its aftercare.

Foul water from disconnected properties, urban run-off and polluted silt were the main causes of pollution to Platt Brook. The Environment Agency, Birmingham City Council, Severn Trent Water (STW) - who collectively form Birmingham Brooks Partnership - worked to rectify the damage in a three part project.

During the restoration works, silt was removed from the brook and its banks pulled back to recreate a natural river channel which helped the brook to self-cleanse and re-oxygenate, providing habitat for wildlife and making the brook more accessible for people.

STW funded and undertook the first part of the project, which involved them conducting a full catchment survey to identify properties that were misconnected and rectify the outfall. Birmingham City Councils Highways and Drainage department worked to restore the brook. The local community educated people about the pollution affecting the brook via a communications plan that included newsletters, the distribution of leaflets about misconnectionsm, and a DVD about the project.

The Platt Brook Restoration Project complements the NIA’s objectives as not only has it reduced pollution, but now complete,  the local community has taken ownership of the brook and open space meaning that more open space in Birmingham is being managed for the benefit of wildlife.