Thank you to supporters of the Rowley Hills Appeal!

Marbled White Butterfly at Rowley Hills Nature ReserveMarbled White Butterfly at Rowley Hills Nature Reserve

Our grateful thanks to all the supporters of the Rowley Hills Appeal.

  • Jack Wilson
  • Peter Shirley
  • Phil Evans
  • Dr. Alison Millward
  • Peter Ellefesen
  • Elizabeth Rees
  • Brian Thompson
  • Eric Homer
  • Daniel Carins
  • Marian Hall
  • R. E. Gibbs
  • Robin Whitehurst
  • Roger Heeley
  • Mrs E. M. Hill
  • A. M. Marsh
  • Lynne Reeves & Peter Smith
  • Helen Maher
  • John & Jenny Middleton
  • Barbara M. D. Smith
  • Andrew Jolly
  • D. G. Nuttall
  • P. M. Ware
  • Patricia Southworth
  • Patsy Breakspear
  • Kathleen Franklin
  • A. Wrags
  • William Gray
  • Michael Firman
  • Brenda Hollis
  • P.A. Bush
  • J. Shrimpton
  • Tracey Pye

We have also received donations in memory of the following people:

  • Mr Cedric George Groom
  • Mr Charles William Lea

And thank you as well to many generous anonymous donors.

Without the help of our members and friends like you we could never do so much to protect local wildlife