• A coalition of organisations in Birmingham is asking people and businesses to sign a pledge committing to protect the natural environment. Greener Birmingham have united to ensure that the natural environment remains protected at a time when budgets for parks, green spaces and the natural world are reducing.

  • The proposed cuts to Birmingham's Parks and Nature Conservation budget will have a detrimental impact on the quality and accessibility of the wonderful parks in our city. To secure these spaces for now and future generations there must be investment but it is not realistic to expect the funding to come solely from the decreasing local authority parks budgets. Everyone benefits from the natural spaces of our city. We need to start a conversation about a new way to fund the essential lungs of our city. Below is an open letter to Birmingham calling for this conversation to begin signed by 35 organisations including national, regional and community groups.

  • The natural world sustains us, and all economic activity depends on the natural environment. At present, this contribution is neither recognised nor valued by our economic structures leading to short sighted, compartmentalised thinking.