Flora of Birmingham and the Black Country

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A trailblazing new publication that shows Birmingham and the Black Country's incredible diversity of plant life, with the number of species found representing nearly half of the flora found in the UK

Taking "our knowledge and understanding of urban ecology to new levels and tells a positive story about the beauty and vitality hidden in our urban landscape”, according to author Ian Trueman. It is the first Flora of Birmingham and the Black Country to be published and indeed the first for any of England’s major urban areas.

"It is a model of what a modern flora should be and an example of what can be done when local enthusiasm is harnessed to masterly leadership and organization." Peter Marren in British Wildlife

Written by local experts Ian Trueman, Mike Poulton and Paul Reade, who for many years led a team of volunteers recording plants in every part of our conurbation. The result is an exceptional blend of detailed plant recording and a far-sighted model for the future of nature conservation in towns and cities. It also includes a description of one species in Black Country dialect!

Attractively designed and illustrated, this exciting 488-page book makes botany accessible to everyone and will engage you in a fascinating exploration of the interplay between people, industry, geology and climate which has given rise to the rich mix of plants which characterises the urban landscape today.

The book provides readers with descriptive local botanical walks, giving an engaging introduction to the rich variety of plants that exist close to their own doorstep. 

ISBN-10: 1874357552
ISBN-13: 978-1874357551

Publisher: Pisces Publications (2013)

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