The Rowley Hills

Marbled White ButterflyMarbled White Butterfly, Rowley Hill Nature Reserve

The Rowley Hills are one of the most visible landmarks in the Black Country, seen easily from the M5 motorway. They are part of the strip of high land that separates the Severn and Trent river catchments.

The Rowley Hills, which also include Bury Hill,Portway Hill, Turner's Hill and Darby's Hill, comprise the largest area of semi-natural grassland in the Black Country outside the Sandwell Valley.

On Portway Hill is our Rowley Hills Nature Reserve, which we hope will become the nucleus of a far larger area dedicated to nature conservation and public access.

As well as its rare plants and colonies of scarce butterflies, the hills are a wonderful viewpoint and place to walk with views across the Black Country and Birmingham, enjoyed and appreciated by local communities.

Protect the Rowley Hills

The area highlighted on our map has, over recent years, been broken up into many smaller land parcels. Despite Sandwell Council's policies to protect this important wildlife site, we are concerned about its future. If property speculators or developers gain control of the land, it could be left unmanaged and lose its wildlife value, or public access could be lost.

We wish to see as much of the land as possible protected as a nature reserve.

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