Wetland Restoration

Longhorn at Park HallLonghorn at Park Hall

The Wildlife Trust has invested in major wetland creation at its Park Hall nature reserve, with major projects taking place to enhance and improve of the habitats on site. We worked with an ecological contractor to undertake some much needed restoration work on the old farm ponds and drainage ditches. By removing invasive plants and silt we created and reconnected areas of open water. This type of work will improve the quality of the Wetland & Wet grassland habitat.

The Longhorn cattle braved the harsh arctic conditions in the winter with the aid of some supplementary feeding, and are now happily grazing the site.

In Langley & Spring Hill woods, we removed a number of large Sycamore trees from the ancient boundaries and from areas where this non-native species was starting to dominate. Sycamore has a very dense canopy and tends to reduce the variety of native wildflowers & shrubs that can live beneath it in our woodlands. 

We are restoring Hedgerows and the Woodlands on site by replanting with native species. These will provide shelter and food for woodland animals of all sizes.

We have had invaluable help from Park Hall Academy, a local Secondary School and volunteers from the Greener Future project.

For further information please contact Chris Wishart (Reserves Officer)  chris.w@bbcwildlife.org.uk