Beer that supports local wildlife

wild winter labelOur latest fundraising beer

This winter we worked together with local brewer Sacre Brew for the second time to produce a beautiful porter that will delight your taste buds and benefit local wildlife.

Sacre Brew is a small, artisanal microbrewery in the Stow Heath section of Wolverhampton. They specialize in American, Belgian, and German styles of beer (ales, hybrids, and lagers). All beer is researched, designed, brewed, and packaged by hand and with creative passion.

We first worked together with them to launch a new Belgian-style ale called Spring Calling to celebrate International Dawn Chorus Day 2015. The second beer, Wild Winter was launched in December 2015 and again we're delighted to have such a delicious way for people to support our work. It has been hand crafted in Wolverhampton using only natural ingredients and is the perfect beer to celebrate nature.

Gwen from Sacre Brew wrote a great blog post about nature and brewing an ale for us here for the spring calling and then another one for our wild winter porter. She also visited Peascroft Wood in the spring and spoke to us about it:

These beers were both a limited edition, but were available in some of the following places:

We hope to work with Sacre Brew again soon to satisfy people's thirst for helping wildlife whilst trying some delicious beer.

Find out more about Sacre Brew's work on their website.


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