Quinton Burial Ground – A New Meadow

A new meadow will be created on this former burial groundQuinton Burial Ground – A New Meadow

In May 2014, the Birmingham & Black Country Nature Improvement Area worked in partnership with Christ Church, Quinton to create a new meadow.

The Birmingham & Black Country Wildlife Trust worked in Partnership with Christ Church, Quinton to create a new meadow on an area of closed burial ground. This land had been unmanaged for many years, and had become densely overgrown. Church representatives agreed the project with the diocese and it began in May 2014.

Over the next two months the ground was cleared and hay strewn, in July 2014, to create 0.2 hectares of new species-rich meadow, which, it is hoped, will increase the presence of important diverse plant species which support a whole range of wildlife from butterflies to insects, mammals and birds.

This project was part of the Birmingham & Black Country objective to increase the amount of wildlife habitat in the region.