40 New meadows created successfully

Nature Improvement Area successfully completes the creation of 40 new meadows in the Birmingham and Black Country Region

August 6th 2014 saw the successful completion of the second year of a project to create 40 new species-rich meadows across the Birmingham and the Black Country. The objective of the scheme is to bring back diverse habitats that were once commonplace in our area and increase the populations of important plant species that are now under threat. These new meadows will, it is hoped, support a whole range of wildlife from butterflies and insects to mammals and birds.

After preparing the new sites a technique known as ‘hay strewing’ was used. This involved the harvesting of seed-rich hay from ‘donor’ meadows at Eades Meadow in Worcestershire, and Illey Pastures in Dudley, Draycote Meadows in Warwickshire and Hayton Meadow in Shropshire. This was then spread over the chosen sites to create a habitat with species that occur together naturally.

In addition to increasing the quantity and diversity of wildlife at each location, the project  has also created a pleasant environment for local communities to become more engaged in.

An enormous THANK YOU to everyone; staff and volunteers and partners, who have helped to create new or improved areas of species-rich meadow at the following sites over the last 2 years.

Kitchen Lane
Cotteridge Park
Ley Hill Park
Victoria Park, Darlaston
Kings Norton Park
Castle Vale Meadow East
Castle Vale Meadow West
Park Hall Nature Reserve
Babbs Mill
Perry Hall Park
Rea Meadow
Joy’s Wood Meadows
Kings Norton LNR
Barnford Park
Haden Hill Park
Leasowes, Top Meadow
Wren’s Nest, Arrowgrass Meadow
Wren’s Nest, Target Meadow

Quinton Leisure Gardens
Quinton Burial Ground
Sedgley Beacon
Moseley Bog Meadow
Victoria Common
Cannon Hill Park
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
Witton Lakes
Walsall Arboretum
Alumwell School
Bantock Park
Londonderry Playing Fields
West Smethwick Park
Smethwick Hall Park
Lewisham Park
Milking Bank Top Meadow
Milking Bank Bottom Meadow
Turner’s Field, Smestow Valley
Holly Wood Meadow
35-acre Meadow
Wolverhampton University Campus, Walsall