St. Christopher's Community Park, Wolverhampton

Birmingham & Black Country Wildlife Trust and community volunteers work together to create a haven for local wildlife.

St. Christopher's Community Park in the North of Wolverhampton is amenity grassland used by the local community for events and sport matches.  This grassland is enclosed by semi mature trees. There were a number of small pockets of woodland which have little, if any field-layer due to it's dense canopy.

The project, which took place at the start of 2014, saw Wildlife Trust staff and local volunteers work together to turn the park into a safe haven for local wildlife. Trees were planted on an open area of amenity grassland, linking up a number of the different pockets of woodland.

Once these trees have matured and become establishd, the asphalt path, running through the grassland, will be become a woodland trail and an excellent educational asset to the park.

To create a field-layer in the existing woodland areas, these blocks were thinned and seeds of native field-layer species, including Bluebell, Red Campion & Foxglove, were spread.

At north a hedgerow was planted along 30 metres of ugly fencing  to create a visual barrier to the fence and a rich habitat for wildlife. Species used here include Hawthorn, Hazel, Oak and Guelder Rose, together with further spreading of field-layer seeds used in the woodlnd areas. 

The project meets the objectives of the Birmingham & Black County NIA by creating a more sustainable woodland that will benefit both wildlife and the visiting public.