Quinton Leisure Gardens

An insight into a Nature Improvement Area project to enhance Quinton Leisure Gardens

Quinton Leisure Gardens is a 3.4 hectare allotment site located in Quinton. The NIA project aims to enhance several habitats within the allotment including; woodland, grassland, hedgerows and the water course.

At the start of 2014 a small area of planted broad-leaved trees over mown grassland, covering an area of approximately 700 square metres, was underplanted with a native species mix of broad-leaved trees and shrubs with the aim of creating a small area of woodland.

There is a watercourse that runs through the site which has now been naturalised through the widening and pulling back of the banks.

Finally approximately 40m of and out-grown, gappy old hedgerow which was a remnant of a pre-allotment field boundary has been topped, cleared out and gapped-up.

This project was part of an NIA objective to enhance the value of existing habitats in the Birmingham and Black Country area.