Kitchen Lane Plantation Enhancement and Grassland Creation

Enhancing plantations and grassland creation to encourage new species to the area



Kitchen Lane Open Space lies in the Ashmore Park area of Wolverhampton. It comprises an area of amenity grassland and birch-dominated plantation woodland on the site of a capped landfill.


In spring 2013 we began work to enhance this area.

Over 3.5 acres of woodland were thinned, by 40%, and stumps were treated to prevent regrowth. A field-layer of Bluebell, Red Campion, Primrose and Foxglove - taken from the NIA's ‘Growing Local Flora’ project - was sown into the space.

The following summer, 1.5 acres of species-poor amenity grassland was enhanced with the creation of new meadowland by strewing arisings, hand harvested by volunteers, from an adjoining area of species-rich grassland.