Grassland Improvement at Quinton Meadows

Grassland Grassland similar to Quinton Meadows

In February 2013, works began to restore degraded areas of semi-natural grassland at Quinton Meadows.

Quinton Meadows is located on the western edge of Birmingham and forms part of Woodgate Valley Country Park.

Quinton Meadows has a variety of different habitats within the designated Local Nature Reserve. The site is a remnant of ancient countryside, ecologically and historically linked to the surrounding landscape of Woodgate Valley, Illey Pastures and the Worcestershire countryside beyond. Even so, over time, Quinton Meadows’ ecological and historic landscape value has been degraded as a result of scrub invasion and limited management. Losses to development have also compromised the site’s ecological integrity.

The NIA aims to restore the condition of the meadows by clearing invasive woody vegetation and re-establishing an annual “cut and collect” management regime.

This project will focus on three areas of the meadow where scrub colonisation is affecting the condition of the semi-natural grassland.

This project contributes to the NIA’s grassland and community engagement themes as it aids the clearance of non-grassland vegetation will and introduce a hay meadow management regime to the site, which will be undertaken by rangers and volunteers.