Castle Vale Meadows

Work carried out by the NIA with the help of the local community has created ''magnificent meadows'' from a little-used, poor quality wasteland.

Situated on the edge of Castle Vale estate in Birmingham was an area of little-used and biodiversity-poor open space.

Working with a local charity - The Community Environmental Trust and The University of Wolverhampton, NIA staff designed and delivered a project to create two new species-rich meadows.


In July 2013 green hay was harvested from ‘donor’ sites Eades Meadow SSSI and Draycote Meadows SSSI and then strewn on the site during two days of local community events. Nearly 12 acres of new meadowland was created and a partnership with Birmingham City Council ensures ongoing management of the site.

The project has delivered health benefits to those who volunteered as well as bringing together local residents and community groups. 

This once overlooked and peripheral area of ‘wasteland’ is developing as a high quality area of local greenspace”

The success of the Castle Vale meadows is now being monitored as part of PHd research by the University of Wolverhampton.

 The project received a very good response from the media -  coverage included a five minute piece on BBC 1’s Midlands Today.