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  • A Dawn Chorus of Tweets

    Tuesday 9th April, 2013

    Blue tit

    A nature-lovers' event which started in a back garden in Birmingham in the 1980s is this year hoping to trend globally on social media as tweeters report on the dawn chorus all over the world.

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  • Urban Nature Improvement Area celebrates first anniversary

    Tuesday 26th March, 2013

    Representatives from a major conservation project in Birmingham and the Black Country are attending a special event in London today (26th March) to mark the first anniversary of England’s Nature Improvement Area (NIA) programme.

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  • The Budget 2013: Value of nature lost on this Government

    Thursday 21st March, 2013

    Chancellor George Osborne put long-term prosperity at risk with a short-term bid for growth in the budget.

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  • Children must be taught the true value of nature

    Thursday 21st March, 2013

    Discovering nature

    Everyone who cares for the natural environment is being urged to call on the Government to ensure children are taught about its true value.

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  • Vice President to give Bellamy Lecture

    Wednesday 13th March, 2013

    Professor Chris Baines

    Professor Chris Baines will give the inaugural David Bellamy lecture at Buckingham Palace this evening.

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  • Improving Nature in Birmingham and the Black Country

    Tuesday 12th March, 2013

    Nearly 100 people gathered in Birmingham last week to celebrate the achievements of the first year of the country’s only purely urban Nature Improvement Area.

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  • Goverment to go ahead with badger cull.

    Thursday 28th February, 2013

    Badger cull to go ahead

    Despite MPs calling on the Government to abandon its planned badger cull last year, the culls have once again been authorised.

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  • Improving Nature in Birmingham and the Black Country

    Monday 25th February, 2013

    “Nature Improvement Areas provide one of the best opportunities in years to turn around the declines we are seeing in the natural world around us.” Professor Sir John Lawton – Chair, Nature Improvement Area panel

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  • Reprieve for Walsall Ranger Service

    Friday 25th January, 2013

    One of many nature reserves where Walsall Rangers support local friends groups

    The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country welcomes the enlightened decision of Walsall Council not to cut the borough’s parks and ranger service by over £100,000. The excellent work done by the ranger service across Walsall, with its focus on supporting local friends groups and reaching out through many different events and activities has been recognised by emphatic public support.

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  • Response to the Birmingham Development Plan

    Friday 11th January, 2013

    Council House

    The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country has produced a response to the Options Consultation for the Birmingham Development Plan.

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