Birds have Got Talent is the most exciting show this spring

Friday 24th April 2015

Simon CowellBirds have Got Talent

International Dawn Chorus Day (IDCD) has been around a lot longer than the top TV talent shows, but The Wildlife Trust believes it still beats them all as a spectacle.

Originating in Birmingham and organised by The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country, this annual celebration at the start of May of nature’s finest voices is still going strong after three decades.

Georgia Stokes, Chief Executive of The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country, says: "Thousands of hopefuls turn up to auditions at talent shows in Birmingham, but even more people have been to IDCD events across the globe, so we can definitely say we’ve given the world a winning idea.

“We are proud to have delighted and inspired so many people with the wonders of nature over the years and can’t wait to hear from all the people who take part in IDCD this year through their tweets, videos and photos. You don’t have to be a hardcore twitcher to enjoy the dawn chorus – you don’t even have to leave your home, as many gardens provide a pretty good chorus and urban areas can have just as many species of songbirds as rural ones.

“I’d say to anyone who wants a new experience engaging with the natural world to go to an event if they can, or just get some friends together and try to learn to recognise a few birdsongs each in advance.”

This year The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country have even created a quiz to see if people are better at recognising song birds or talent show singers! So far, 91% of people have recognised the birds, but only 76% the singers, which is good news for wildlife, but maybe not so good for Simon Cowell!

There is a wealth of information on the website about events happening near you, or you can also get advice on how to organise your own event and identify different birds’ songs.

Follow the hashtag #IDCD on twitter on and around May 3rd to see what the world is waking up to and add your own experiences, too.



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Wow the wonderful tailent

Monday 4th April 2016

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Wow the wonderful tailent

Monday 4th April 2016