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Wednesday 29th May 2013

BadgerThe cull must not go ahead

The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country are firmly opposed to the proposed badger cull due to commence 1 June.

Ahead of the badger cull, which is now due to go ahead from 1 June 2013 onwards, The Wildlife Trust are calling on all nature lovers to back demands to halt the cull.

The controversial culls were postponed last year due to uncertainty over the numbers and efficacy, but recent comments by Environment Secretary Owen Paterson that "It will take 20-25 years of hard culling" with the deaths of around 100 000 badgers to get bovine TB under control indicate the government is now determined to press ahead.

The culls are designed to test the 'controlled shooting' method of culling badgers, even though free shooting of badgers will be also permitted. The pilot culls will not measure the impact on bovine TB. They are due to take place in Gloucestershire and Somerset and a reserve area has also been identified in Dorset.

The Wildlife Trusts are firmly opposed to a cull. We believe there are alternative methods which should be used to tackle the bovine TB problem and are working to demonstrate this all over the country.

Neil Wyatt, Chief Executive of The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country says: "It is very disappointing that Owen Paterson has ignored the great majority of scientists who have examined the matter drawing the conclusion that at best it will have little impact, and at worst it could actually help spread bTB.

"Public opinion is now the only tool we have to persuade the government to abandon this cull that will do nothing for farmers and do a lot of damage to nature.

"The State of Nature report last week showed that this really is the time for everyone to stand together and demonstrate that nature matters and we want to preserve it; not continue destroying it."

With the petition against the cull having reached 225 000 signatures, it's already the second highest ever, but conservationists are hoping it will reach a million signatures. They are also urging everyone to write to their MPs and help with badger vaccination programmes.

The Petition

Please sign the petition online now:

Email your MP

Make sure your representative in parliament knows how long local feeling is and ask them to speak to the Environment Secretary on your behalf.

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