Response to the Birmingham Development Plan

Friday 11th January 2013

Council HouseBirmingham Council decides on new development plan

The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country has produced a response to the Options Consultation for the Birmingham Development Plan.

Birmingham City Council claims that:

"Birmingham’s rapidly expanding population means the city needs to plan for around 80,000 new homes and more than 100,000 new jobs by 2031.

Experts have calculated that the city’s current urban area only has enough space for up to 43,000 new dwellings – a shortfall of 30,000 homes. For this reason, the council is now exploring options to release some of the city’s Green Belt land for housing development.

It is also considering options for a new site for economic development of at least 50-hectares on Green Belt land to bring new investment and jobs to the city. This is because there is a shortage of land available for economic development in the city’s urban area."

The full details are available here:

Birmingham’s Green Belt represents a very special resource for the city which if it is to be developed can only be used once. If development is eventually permitted it must be to the highest standards for sustainability, environmental performance, access and amenity, and green infrastructure. This will ensure that the greatest return to the city is realised on the potential loss of this valuable asset. The city must not squander the environmental capital bequeathed by earlier generations.

The Wildlife Trust cannot support proposals for the zoning of Green Belt for housing in their current form. Much greater clarity is required about the vision, strategy and policy within the Development Plan as a whole, the environment in particular, and to demonstrate the sustainability of the proposals.

See our full response in the downloadable document below and please feel free to make your own responses to this, although the deadline is fast-approaching - the consultation finishes on Monday 14th January.


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