Vice President Receives Christopher Cadbury Medal

Thursday 20th December 2012

Professor Trueman on the tow-path in Selly OakVice President Receives Christopher Cadbury Medal

The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country are delighted that Professor Ian Trueman, our Vice President and a prominent botanist, has received The Wildlife Trusts’ Christopher Cadbury medal for his services to nature conservation.

A charismatic and entertaining lecturer of ecology, Professor Trueman has played a leading role in botanical conservation across the West Midlands and Welsh borders.

As Professor of Botany at Wolverhampton University, Ian Trueman has inspired thousands of students, opening their eyes to the pleasure of knowing and identifying sedges, grasses and every branch of botany. His energy and enthusiasm have been the driving force behind a great many people deciding to pursue nature conservation in a professional capacity, including some of our staff.

After holding a variety of voluntary roles within Shropshire, Staffordshire and Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trusts, Professor Trueman has developed considerable expertise in the area of creative conservation.

Of particular note are his successful methods for habitat enrichment of grasslands and woodlands and his pioneering efforts to bring the Dutch green hay strewing technique to Britain, which resulted in the establishment of a number of hay meadows around Wolverhampton and Staffordshire. The meadows at Venus Pool in Shropshire, one of the best sites in the county for green winged orchids, are a wonderful example of this.

Professor Trueman’s devotion to the improvement of recording species and habitats is evident from the 35 years he has spent scouring the environment for plants, spotting everything that grows from the paving stones of Birmingham to the wild woods of Wales. He has been instrumental in numerous working groups and committees, driving forward plans and ideas to give those plants a future.

Professor Trueman was presented with the Christopher Cadbury medal by Simon King OBE, President of The Wildlife Trusts.

Simon said: “I am delighted to present this medal to Professor Trueman. His efforts in mentoring young botanists both through his professional and voluntary work have been phenomenal and there’s absolutely no doubt that many professional ecologists owe their training and enthusiasm to him.”

Sara Carvalho of EcoRecord, who is working closely with him on The Flora of Birmingham & the Black Country described him as "One of the most knowledgeable committed, interesting and interested people I’ve come across. He always finds time to support our work and has endless energy and enthusiasm for all things nature conservation, especially if they are of the plant kind."

"He is a true ecologist/scientist who seeks to understand the natural world in order to conserve it."
Sara Carvalho, EcoRecord

Upon receiving the medal, Ian said: “I am very grateful to The Wildlife Trusts, both for this and for turning me into a conservationist by introducing me to the mystery and beauty of diversity and the tragedy of its loss.”