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10 New Year's Resolutions for Wildlife

Posted: Friday 11th December 2015 by Joe.P

Moseley Bog in winterNew Year's Resolutions

You still have a few weeks to think about what New Year's Resolutions you could make this year, so why not consider some of these which could help wildlife, as well being satisfying and fun for you?

1. Visit new nature reserves – there are some fantastic places across Birmingham and the Black Country, as our members will have seen in our Welcome to Wildlife guide. Surprise yourself by going somewhere you’ve never been before.
2. Help us by sending in records of wildlife you see. You may think it’s nothing special and quite common, but unless people tell us it’s there, we don’t know and can’t monitor how well wildlife is doing, so send your sightings to EcoRecord.
3. Tell other people about our work. The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country does fantastic work transforming spaces right across the conurbation for the benefit of people and wildlife. Word of mouth is the cheapest way we have of making sure more people know about this work and why it’s important, so please be proud of what you’re doing to support us and let your friends, family and colleagues know.
4. Help your local green spaces by getting involved in a “Friends of” group. If it’s one of our sites that you’re close to, that’s fantastic, but there are many others across the area, which we support, but aren’t officially connected to The Trust and they all play vital roles in helping look after these spaces.
5. Take part in 30 Days Wild this June! It’s great fun and really rewarding to see how getting some wild time every day makes you feel happier and healthier. If you write about your experiences it also gives you something to look back on in years to come.
6. Help us to make Every Child Wild! Children aren’t getting out and connecting with nature as much as they used to and certainly not as much as they need to. Help us to change this, whether you have your own children, or can share your knowledge and passion about wildlife with someone in your family or friends’ families.
7. Make your garden a wildlife haven. Even the smallest garden can offer something to wildlife, whether it’s food, water or shelter. If you’re buying bird seed, please remember that Vine House farm give us a share of the profits from all sales as well as producing their seed in a very environmentally friendly way.
8. Raise money for us. Think about a way to be creative, have fun and use your abilities to help us. It could be doing a wild bake off, a sponsored run, swim or bike ride, or anything else that you think would work. Every donation we get is used to help local wildlife.
9. Learn a new skill. There’s so much to learn about the natural world. Even the most experienced and knowledgeable members of our staff are always learning new things. Why not learn to recognise birdsong, or identify wildflowers, mushrooms or species of insects that visit your garden? Tell us how you get on; we’d love to hear your stories.
10. Share your photos with us, so that we can share more of the beauty of urban wildlife to others. We love it when members send us photos that we can put in the magazine, or share with the world via Facebook or Twitter. We’ll make sure we credit you and you’ll get satisfaction from seeing your images used to promote our work.

I hope that you find these suggestions useful - do let us know if you have any better suggestions for wildlife-friendly New Year's Resolutions.

Joe Peacock

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