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Moseley Bog Friends' Blog 13/10/15

Posted: Wednesday 14th October 2015 by Joe.P

Volunteers transforming the performance areaVolunteers transforming the performance area

These blog posts are sent in by Mary Girvan of the Friends of Moseley Bog & Joy's Wood to give a personal perspective of a day in the life of a volunteer. She also does the twitter feed for @mosbogfriends.

Roll up, roll up, roll up! Welcome to the incredible transforming Performance Area.

Be amazed, as the giant graffiti'd logs are extracted like rotten teeth by the Strong Men & Women of Mondelez, Network Rail and Mosbog volunteers.

And join us as we attempt a new record for wheelbarrow mileage - relocating logs and fetching soil and turfs to fill the cavities. Marvel as the Surgical Spade Slicers scalp the turf to expose the earth below, inviting the Dastardly Diggers to do their worst.

Watch the Bug Lady go about her grizzly work, re-housing stag beetle grubs and surviving worms (whoops we did lose a few!). Prepare to see probably the largest agricultural comb-over in the world as the turfs are re-laid onto the newly dug slopes, and bedded in by the Human Pogo Stick. But beware ! Do not get eaten by the Great Buzzards that hover overhead watching your every move.

That pretty much sums up our day. What a Performance!

The Performance Area was built about 5 years ago, by standing on end sleeper type logs in a trench, nailing them together and backfilling with bricks and soil. We found out today just how deeply they were buried, and just how strong those nails were. It was meant to last longer than this, being made of seasoned oak, but for whatever reason the logs had started to rot and become fodder for the unofficial fire-makers. Those which didn't rot were heavily graffiti'd several times.

We needed a plan to transform it into a more easily maintainable space, which didn't cost any money. We put that plan into action today and managed to complete about two thirds of the area. As one volunteer said "it was a great rewarding day of honest hard graft".

If you'd like to help us finish it, we volunteer alternate Tuesdays & Wednesday's and every third Sunday of the month - that's this week. Next week is Wednesday. See the what's on section for details.

Mary Girvan

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