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Wild Summer 1 - Natural picture frames capture the season

Posted: Tuesday 28th July 2015 by Joe.P

Natural picture framesWild Summer part one

Wild Summer volunteer Alice Keogh reports on how we started off a wild summer at EcoPark by making natural picture frames with local families, thanks to the support of players of People's Postcode Lottery.

A total of 12 families arrived on a warm, but overcast day on the 23rd of July to make natural picture frames out of cut willow and twine, decorated with colourful wool and the pieces of nature children found around the EcoPark. We lashed the frames together starting with a clove hitch knot and created square frames ready to be decorated and filled with natural finds. The activity was met with excitement and enthusiasm by the children who enjoyed discovering pieces of nature around the park.

Met with both a creative challenge and an adventure to find as many wild things as possible, a range of great designs were created throughout the day. We had triangular frames wrapped in rainbow wool with feathers and berries found around the park hanging within. Alongside the more traditional square or rectangular frames also wrapped in wool which brightened the framing of flowers and grasses hung inside. One group of boys even created colourful bows!

The frames once finished were beautiful, capturing not only a season within the twigs, but also a day of learning about the nature which surrounds you every day. They serve as a memory of both a day spent adventuring through the EcoPark hunting for treasures such as bird feathers and of the summer season. Children created their frames with care planning to hang them in their gardens perhaps from a tree, or even in their bedrooms at home. The best part of these frames as our education officer Guy Belding said, is that they can also be ever changing just like the seasons. You can replace your summer finds from the wild with autumn finds such as golden leaves and in winter you can even hang icicles from your frame to create a natural wind chime!

Being mindful of the nature around us and noticing even the beauty in a fallen seed or berry from a tree, reminds us of the importance of nature alongside the beauty in the simplest things.

My Wild Summer continues this Wednesday with Bird Bingo!

Alice Keogh


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