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The “Great Bog Adventure”

Posted: Wednesday 19th October 2016 by Gareth.M

Tesco Bags of Help are supporting us to create a self-guided trail and repair the pathways at Joy's Wood and Moseley Bog.

With the help of funding from, you and hundreds of other families can embark on your own “Great Bog Adventure” by following a new self-led, wildlife-themed and cultural trail around Moseley Bog and Joys Wood. Please vote for us in-store between 31st October and 13th November.

Are you brave enough to go in search of the giant caterpillar, stepping over the sleeping crocodile on the way – is that his back or is it the boardwalk? Be careful. I dare you to pass the trees with eyes that follow you on your journey, or with roots that look like they could creep up behind you, or with long arm-like branches that could reach out and make you JUMP! Are there pterodactyls on the nest today? I wonder which creature is making those air bubbles in the gloopy green pond?

Go Wild on your adventure! Are you a bird fiend? Woodpecker, kestrel, buzzard, goldcrest, nuthatch, tree-creeper, tits, robins and finches to name but a few can all be found here. Mammal mania? Look out for badger, fox, rat, rabbit, vole. Or do you prefer a bug’s life with butterflies, caterpillars, bees, ladybirds, grasshoppers and spiders? Maybe you’re more into fabulous fungi like scarlet elf caps, earth balls, fried egg fungi and King Alfred’s cakes? Or phenomenal flora like pendulous sedge, remote sedge, crested dogs tail, wild orchids, yellow rattle, primroses, greater stichwort, hawkbit – what else can you find?

Be transported back in time, to learn about the Bronze Age burnt mounds, the old clay pits, the Victorian damn for Sarehole Mill pond, and see the foundations of glass-houses where the Victorians grew their vegetables and exotics. Find out who Joy was and why the wood was named after her.

Or maybe you are a fan of Tolkien. Find the 300 year old oak tree or is it a hobbit house? Can you draw a tree and speak to it like he did?

And as you explore Moseley Bog and Joys Wood, use all of your senses to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed. Be silent for 10 steps to find out what you can hear, or sit quietly in an area and make a sound map; close your eyes and feel the different textures of tree bark with your hands or face, identify places where the breeze reaches you, or feel how different the ground is as you walk around; smell the leaves, grasses and flowers – a little rub helps to bring out the scent; taste blackberries – why are some sweeter than others?

Whatever your “Great Bog Adventure”, our new project is just for you.
To make it safe for everyone, and increase access to all, we need to repair and replace parts of the existing rotting boardwalk, and to widen the path before we can install our exciting new themed wildlife and cultural trail. The trail will especially aim to get local children exploring this magical woodland and discovering the wildlife hidden within. The project will also enable people of all ages and abilities to access the hidden corners of the woodland in all weathers and throughout the year.

There will be organised events to launch the new trail with added games and education. The more money we get, the more we can do - repairing more sections of pathway, adding new sections of boardwalk, and providing new links across the site for visitors with a range of mobility levels and special needs, as well as organising and staffing more events.


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