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Help us stand up for wildlife as we leave the EU #WriteForTheWild

Posted: Wednesday 23rd August 2017 by evaphillips

As we withdraw from the EU and repeal their laws there are many risks for our wildlife and environment. The majority of the UK’s environmental policies and legislation are shaped by EU laws, so the Repeal Bill, that is meant to make all EU law, law in the UK until changes are made, is a pivotal piece of legislation for wildlife and the environment.

The government aspires for the UK to lead the world in environmental protection and leave the environment in a better condition than we inherited. We need to keep reminding them of this. A recent YouGov poll found that 80% of people think that the UK should have the same or stronger environmental protections after we leave the EU. We are concerned that the Repeal Bill will not have the protections our wildlife and environment need and that laws may not be enforceable because we simply do not have the institutions in the UK, like the EU Commission, to do the job.

At the moment the UK is held to account by the EU for air pollution laws – in Birmingham alone 900 deaths per year are linked to air pollution. Good access to quality greenspace is estimated to save the NHS £205m per year in the West Midlands Combined Authority Area – however the bill means Ministers will be able to make sweeping changes to great swathes of legislation, principally who will scrutinise it and enforce it, which could have massive impact on planning laws and development of land. You can read more about what The Wildlife Trust campaign here.

We need your help. Join us in standing up for our wildlife and environment.

5 Ways to Raise Awareness of Wildlife Risks in Repeal Bill

1 - Watch the video

The Wildlife Trusts have produced a short video with some ideas for your letter and how to spread awareness – it’s only a couple of minutes long, please watch it.



2 - Write to your MP

The bill will have its second reading in Parliament on 7th and 11th September. Please write to your MP telling them how important environmental protection is to you and our wildlife. You can find out who your MP is by putting your postcode in here. Address your letter to your MP followed by House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Please remember to include your own address so they can reply. There is a template letter below if you want some ideas.

3 – Raise Awareness on Social Media
  • Take a picture of your letter (hiding your address) and tag your MP so they know to expect it
  • Tag your friends and ask them to write too.
  • Tag us @WTBBC or on Facebook /WTBBC, use the #WriteForTheWild so we can share it too
  • Share this post – and keep sharing it
4 – Keep in touch.

You can sign up to our monthly newsletter to keep up to date with the campaign here.

5 – Join us!

We are a local charity so every penny of our income is spent protecting and standing up for wildlife where we live. You can join for as little as £5pm and will receive a membership pack, 3 Wildlife Magazines a year about our work in Birmingham and the Black Country and national news from the Wildlife Trusts that will keep you right up to date as we leave the EU. Click here or call Ben on 0121 454 1199 for an informal chat.  

Together, we can protect our wildlife.






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