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30DaysWild, Day 12, Emma S, Engagement Officer

Posted: Monday 12th June 2017 by evaphillips

Nature for me is all about adventure, finding excitement and danger in extraordinary places. Through my educational pursuits it’s also all about the science, how everything is connected and inherently dependant on each other including ourselves.

This tattoo was designed and hand-poked by a good friend of mine using sustainable natural resources. It was based on a quote by Joseph Campbell which reads “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”. Which bodes well with me as I often seek nature to overcome things.

It's also about the learning you can get from the wild both literally and metaphorically, mentally and physically. The trees represent a forest and wilderness, the waves my love of the ocean and the mountain my love for adventures. The symbolism for the sun and clouds links back to old Chinese symbolism for the sun and moon and how they can be interpreted as the same thing. The lines from the sun and the lower mandala section portray the story of everything on the earth we don't see and how it's all connected.


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