Big Wildlife Boost

Red admiral butterfly - photo by Mike PoultonBig Wildlife Boost

Do you want to give wildlife a boost this winter? Please donate to our appeal to help us create more precious habitat for local wildlife in 2015.

Wildlife in this country is in trouble with 60% of all species in decline. Creating natural spaces in urban areas like ours is increasingly important for nature and for people. The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country has been taking action to create more habitat and help species that are struggling. We are making a huge difference to local wildlife. Here are just a few of the things we've achieved:

We've created 40 new wildflower meadows over the last two years.


We've helped to create woodlands that are full of bluebells and other beautiful flowers over an area the would cover more than 250 football pitches.


We're working with partners to create more habitat for water voles and otters along the rivers and canals.

Our projects are bringing results.

Now we need your help. Please donate to The Big Wildlife Boost and help us to fund more of this vital work in 2015.

Our vision of an urban environment teeming with wildlife and rich in biodiversity with everyone able to access and enjoy it is achievable, but only with your help.

  • £5 could pay for planting a metre of new hedgerow
  • By donating £10, you could pay for planting trees and shrubs over 100m2 of woodland near where you live.
  • Donating £30 could help us educate the next generation by paying for a set of bug hunting pots for a class
  • If you donate £100, we could fund putting up ten bird boxes on our reserves
  • A donation of £500 could pay for creating 1000m2 of wildflower meadow

The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country is the only organisation that works across the whole area on all kinds of sites and protects wildlife where you live.

Please give generously to support our work.


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