Vaccination of badgers

Vaccination photo by Tom MarshallVaccinating badgers

The Wildlife Trusts believe that biosecurity and vaccination should be at the centre of efforts to tackle bovine tuberculosis (TB) rather than a badger cull.

In the longer term cattle vaccination will have a vital role to play, but it is not yet available. However, a vaccine for badgers is available now and has the potential to help reduce bTB without the negative impacts of perturbation arising from a badger cull. A number of Wildlife Trusts are carrying out badger vaccination programmes already and are proving that this method works.

Vaccination of badgers helps to reduce the spread of the bovine TB. Recent studies have shown that vaccinating just one third of uninfected badgers in a set can help make unvaccinated cubs less likely to test positive for the disease.

Watch this clip on badger vaccination at Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust:



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