Health & Wellbeing in Nature Course

Thanks to funding from Walsall Council Public Health, we have partnered with Making Connections Walsall to deliver two “introduction to health and well-being in nature” courses for older Walsall residents experiencing loneliness or isolation. 

The two FREE courses we are offering will be based in Walsall Arboretum and Palfrey Park with regular visits to other local green spaces. Our Arboretum program will involve 1-2 km walks whilst the Palfrey program has been designed specifically for those who feel they are not particularly mobile but would like to get outside. Each course will take place over an 8 week period, running every Wednesday. The Arboretum course will run mornings from 10am - 1pm and the Palfrey course will run afternoons 1pm - 4pm. Refreshments will be provided.

To be eligible to  take part in one of these free courses, participants must be a local resident of Walsall and be aged 50+. If you are not already registered with Making Connections Walsall you will be required to register with their free service to take part.

For more information and dates on these two courses please click on the links below.

Walsall Arboretum: Wednesday Mornings

Palfrey Park: Wednesday Afternoons

Elderly in nature

Our planned outcomes for participants of this course are:

  1. Improved sense of well-being
  2. Access to network of people with shared interest
  3. Confidence to explore local wild spaces
  4. Capacity to make daily connection with nature
  5. Other mental/physical health benefits including improved fitness and stamina
  6. Improved concentration including greater perception of the local natural environment
  7. Increased knowledge about Walsall’s green spaces and wildlife

The course programme is based on a set of core themes addressing the 5 ways to well-being, and delivery is adaptable according to the specific needs of the participants. These themes include:

  • Introduction to the health and well-being benefits of connecting with nature
  • How to build simple contact with nature into your everyday life
  • Where to find the wild spaces across Walsall and beyond, and how to access them
  • Explore – through wildlife walks, discovering locally accessible spaces to encounter the natural world
  • Learn – hands on learning about different environments including woodlands, meadows, canals and ponds
  • Give - help protect local wild space by volunteering and practical conservation activity
  • Take notice – how to be mindful in nature
  • Be active – keeping fit through walks and volunteering activity
  • Connect – how to stay connected with nature and share this experience with others.

The importance of strong social networks, access to friends and family, and an active social life should not be underestimated. Those who lead happy and active social lives enjoy improved health and well-being than those who do not. 

These courses have been developed by the Wildlife Trust to inspire and enable people to connect with each other and the natural world where they live and to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of being active in the green spaces on their doorstep.

planting trees

Credit: Friends of HHLNR

Tree planting at Hill Hook

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