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Chief Executive

Dr Delia Garratt


Staff Simon

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Alison Wilkes

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Natalie Norton - Senior Conservation Officer

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Sammy Pritchard

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Sara Carvalho, EcoRecord Manager

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Andy Slater

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Education & Engagement

Gareth Morgan - Head of Education & Engagement

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Jake Williams

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Nicky Willner
Jen Jones
Tanya Petrovic

Fundraising & Communications

Emma Thompson - Head of Fundraising & Communications

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James Benwell
Wendy Whittle

Finance & Resources

Atul Thaker, Finance Manager, atul.t@bbcwildlife.org.uk

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Trust Council

Our Trustees are elected by our members at our AGM and bring a wealth of knowledge and specialist expertise. Please contact the Trust if you think you have the skills to support our work as a trustee.

Chair of Trustees Simon Needle
Ian Trueman
Martin Smith

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Nicholas Crombie
Sandy Taylor
Phil Beardmore
Mel Knight

“I’ve cared about wildlife since I was a young child and this led on to me becoming an environmental consultant. I’ve studied, lived or worked in Birmingham and the Black Country for over 20 years and am passionate about ensuring that everyone in the area can feel connected to and have access to wildlife and the natural environment."

Anna Bright

“I joined the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham & the Black Country as a Trustee in December 2018. I’ve always had a passion and interest in wildlife and my role as Chief Executive at Sustainability West Midlands involves consideration of the natural environment and how it contributes to the sustainability of our region. However, I wouldn’t class myself as an expert and have no formal qualifications in conservation. I hoped that my experience in operations, finance, marketing and business development would be areas where I could bring useful knowledge to the Trust, and that the cross-sector networks of Sustainability West Midlands would be of value to the Trust when increasing their profile.

This has been my first experience as a charity Trustee and it has been extremely rewarding. During my time the Trust has faced many challenges including the recruitment of their new Chief Executive, and the implications of the COVID-19 outbreak on their activities. It’s been hugely satisfying to see some of my suggestions come to fruition and bring benefits to the Trust and the wildlife of the area. I have learnt a huge amount from the other Trustees, the management team, and the volunteers at the Trust. Each Council meeting includes updates on activities including work on their reserves, volunteering programmes, corporate engagement, and growth of membership. The annual AGM is a highlight in the calendar with an annual overview and the opportunity to hear from nationally recognised experts in wildlife. I’m inspired by the work of the team and volunteers at the Trust and proud that in my role as Trustee, I can play a small part in supporting their excellent work.”

Lisa Pinney, MBE

“I have worked in the environment sector for 20+ years, including as Environment Agency Director for the West Midlands. I am now Chief Executive of the Coal Authority whose focus is to remediate the impacts of our mining past which includes treating polluted mine water, creating habitat and finding low carbon opportunities such as enabling heating for homes and businesses from the mine water beneath them. 

I  have always been passionate about the interface between urban environments, people and nature – something that is particularly special about the Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust. At home my Wife and I are lucky enough to own 7 acres of land which we use for horses and for an allotment style garden which we balance with the opportunity for hedgerows, wildlife corridors and wildlife.

I’m a passionate advocate for all aspects of diversity and inclusion and will champion that at the Trust alongside my operational and governance experience.”

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