Say No to Peat Compost

Say No to Peat Compost

Penny Dixie

We need an immediate end to peat sales

Peat used in our compost is dug out of wild places, damaging some of the last remaining peatlands in the UK and overseas. This process also releases carbon into the atmosphere, accelerating climate change.

Ten years ago, the Government set a voluntary target for the horticulture sector to stop selling peat compost to gardeners by 2020. But this approach has failed. 

Action is needed now to end peat compost sales in our shops and garden centres immediately and to bring forward the date that professional growers must stop using peat.

Peatlands are vital wildlife habitats and it’s absolutely crucial that they remain intact to help us tackle climate change. The Government can ensure that these important carbon stores function as nature intended by banning peat sales now.

Craig Bennett

Chief Executive, The Wildlife Trusts



Let's make all compost 100% peat-free!

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