Urban Forestry Fact Sheet Archive

The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham holds the archive of fact sheets produced by the National Urban Forestry Unit (NUFU).

The National Urban Forestry Unit was based in Wolverhampton and was the lead organisation in the delivery of the Black Country Urban Forest. Other partners were the four local authorities of Wolverhampton, Walsall, Sandwell and Dudley and from the third sector the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country, Groundwork Black Country and the BTCV.

NUFU closed its doors in 2005 after ten years of championing urban forestry. During that period NUFU and its partners developed considerable expertise and many case studies were produced so that the lessons learned could be widely shared.

The Wildlife Trust has an archive with copies of most of these case studies, which you are welcome to download and use as was originally intended.

Most of the files are complete, but unfortunately a few of the files we hold are corrupt. Those that are badly damaged are marked as such below. A few files have less critical damage (e.g. a missing picture or title) and are still fully usable, so these are not marked as corrupt. If you have an undamaged version of any of the corrupted files, please could you let us have a copy so we can achieve our ambition of a 100% archive of these important documents.


FilenameFile size
CS 1 - Cost effective woodland planting on derelict land (minor corruption)148.74 KB
CS2 - Greening of Strategic Urban Transport Corridors133.79 KB
CS3 - Urban Forestry in Parks123.06 KB
CS4 - Growing Poplars for Timber on Derelict Land155.41 KB
CS 5 - Involving local people through nature conservation (minor corruption)178.65 KB
CS6 - Mulches as a method of Weed Control around Trees141.79 KB
CS7 - The effects of urban woodland on air quality176.1 KB
CS8 - New woodland planting on landfill sites228.47 KB
CS 9 - Community orchards in towns (Partial corruption)132.41 KB
CS 10 - Timber extraction from small woodlands132.66 KB
CS 11 - Tree Dressing150.35 KB
CS 12 - Woodland burial132.32 KB
CS 13 - Riverbank Restoration through Bioengineering196.23 KB
CS 14 - Rail corridor enhancement through lineside vegetation management166.82 KB
CS 15 - GIS.pdf134.07 KB
CS 16 - Linking trees, people and environmental action on a local and national scale108.72 KB
CS 17 - Recycling green waste131.22 KB
CS 18 - Developing city-wide partnerships151.29 KB
CS 19 - Establishing wild flowers in recently planted woodland136.9 KB
CS 20 - Historic Urban Forestry (corrupted)1.74 KB
CS 21 - Therapeutic horticulture170.33 KB
CS 22 - Art as an aid to community participation173.72 KB
CS 23 - Using supplementary planning guidance223.76 KB
CS 24 - Load bearing soils for trees in paved areas164.59 KB
CS 25 - Community involvement in land reclamation177.92 KB
CS 26 - Assessing local attitudes to woodland creation and management138.07 KB
CS 27 - Regenerating historic urban parks139.19 KB
CS 28 - Setting up a community tree nursery148.23 KB
CS 29 - Finding resources for a new woodland127.18 KB
CS 30 - Resourcing a regional urban forestry programme119.68 KB
CS 31 - health walks114.27 KB
CS 32 - dead wood (Corrupted)138.89 KB
CS 33 - Hospital greenspace as an aid to healthcare177.39 KB
CS 34 - Adding value to timber from small woodlands160.09 KB
CS 35 - Measuring the economic value of urban greenspace178.48 KB
CS 36 - wood energy (corrupted)131.71 KB
CS 37 - Neighbourhood tree champions136.22 KB
CS 38 - Reclaiming derelict land using biosolids139.32 KB
CS 39 - Creating a temporary tree nursery139.07 KB
CS 40 - Using the past to shape the future urban forest123.4 KB
CS 41 - Conserving veteran and ancient trees92.27 KB
CS 42 - Woodland planting in advance of built development64.35 KB
CS 43 - Tree growing as an aid to social inclusion64.26 KB
CS 44 - Creating new woodland by direct seeding76.28 KB
CS 45 - Providing roosts for bats in urban woodland143.53 KB
CS 46 - Developing health walks on a sub-regional scale65.16 KB
CS 47 - Revitalising neglected historic woodlands116.93 KB
CS 48 - Training the long-term unemployed to manage the urban forest108.89 KB
CS 49 - Contract growing of native trees and shrubs from seeds of local provenance71.82 KB
CS 50 - Interim greening of a vacant development site86.41 KB
CS 51 - Contract growing of native trees and shrubs from seeds of local provenance71.73 KB
CS 52 - High profile promotion of trees in towns and cities84.47 KB
CS 53 - Woodland planting using a performance-based contract81.12 KB
CS 54 - Achieving low cost seasonal colour through planting and seeding126.68 KB