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Great frigate bird, GalapagosWildlife Travel

Support the Trust and take a holiday!

Would you like to raise money for the Trust whilst enjoying the spring flowers of Cyprus or Crete, birdwatching from your houseboat in the Romanian Danube Delta or enjoying a ‘trip of a lifetime’ in the Galapagos Islands? Wildlife Travel was set up in 1988 with the aim of supporting nature conservation by organising wildlife holidays in the UK, Europe and worldwide. Their profits are donated to The Wildlife Trusts and they also work with local conservation organisations in the countries they visit.

Wildlife Travel will make a donation to our Trust if you mention us on booking with them. The amount of donation depends on the profits available but if you have not travelled with them before the donation would be at least £50 per person.

Their small group holidays are suitable for individuals, couples or friends. All trips cover general wildlife and local culture, and some have a particular focus. Destinations range from Norfolk, Mull, Spain and Italy to Costa Rica, Chile and Australia. Flight-free holidays include the pre-Alpine valleys of the Vercors in France and the limestone of the Burren in Ireland, or you could enjoy the wildlife of Yorkshire, guided by staff and volunteers from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

Contact them on 01954 713575, email them at wildlifetravel@wildlifebcn.org or check their web page www.wildlife-travel.co.uk


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