John Muir Discovery Award

Students taking part in their John Muir award at EcoPark, Small Heath

The John Muir Discovery Award is an environmental award scheme. It is non-competitive, inclusive and accessible based on;

  • Discovering a wild space
  • Exploring it,
  • Conserving it
  • Sharing their experience with others.

Whilst it is designed for people of all ages, in our experience we have found it especially benefits disengaged students by building confidence, self esteem and social skills.

Pupils taking part will have the responsibility of helping to plan their own award and setting targets and outcomes for what they want to achieve. 



After meeting you, Jake wants to take part in the next My Choice My Future programme as he really related to you (and keeps talking about your presentation and activity). He is now thinking he would like to work with wildlife.’   DWP School Support Advisor following programme with students at risk of becoming NEET