Take the WILD WALK Challenge!

We're asking people across Birmingham and the Black Country to plan a Wild Walk this summer, to enjoy the everyday nature on their doorstep whilst raising money for the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country.

Join hundreds of people taking the Wild Walk Challenge to raise money for the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country.

We're asking people who support our work to protect wildlife to organise a Wild Walk this summer.

Whether you want to walk with your family, friends, class, colleagues or community group there are lots of ways you can make your walk wild!

It couldn't be simpler 

1 - Ask your family, friends, class, colleagues or community group to join you on a Wild Walk this summer.

2 - Make your walk even wilder using the ideas below or come up with your own

3 - Download spotter sheets, sponsorship forms, and entry forms or contact us to borrow a donation bucket to carry

5 - Follow the instructions on the entry form to send us the money you've raised to help us protect local wildlife!

Wild Walk Ideas

Go on a Great Bog Adventure - get sponsored for each sculpture you find - download a map here!

Or take the Tree Trail at Peascroft Wood, Can you find all the markers?

Join a wildlife walk, guided by our experts and make a donation on the day, maybe bats are your thing, or butterflies, or something else entirely...

Explore a new park with friends and family, take a picnic to enjoy in a new green space. Listen to the birds while you munch, how many different calls can you hear? Can you identify any?

- Birmingham Parks

- Dudley Parks

- Sandwell Parks

- Walsall Parks

- Wolverhampton Parks

Walk to school every day for a week - how many friends do you meet on the way? Can you get sponsored for every day you walk? 

Take a walk dressed as your favourite British wild animal - will you be a Badger? Fox? Squirrel or even a Snail? Get some friends to take the challenge with you and carry a donation bucket on your way round.

Get competitive and challenge your colleagues to who can get the most steps in at lunchtime, do it once or stretch it to a week - no cheating, they must be outside to count! 

Summer Wildlife Walk Bingo – Get some friends together, download our Summer Spotter Sheets and see how many species you can spot! Ask for a donation to take part and give a small prize for the most spots. Spend an afternoon together walking round a wild space or set the challenge over the whole week.

Be more Hedgehog - Hedgehogs walk around 2 miles a night to find food. Can you walk 2 miles? Dressed as a hedgehog?  (PLEASE send us your pictures!!) Think about walking to a cafe where you can enjoy coffee and cake afterwards. Find lots of hedgehog facts to fascinate your friends with here.

Be more Swift: Tell us how many miles you walked during your challenge and let’s see if together we can beat the amazing journey of up to 5000 miles that migratory swifts make between the UK and Africa each year. Find out more here

Extreme Wild Walk Challenge - get sponsored to walk the exact boundary of The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country - 111.6miles, over the course of a week. 

Send us your pictures at @WTBBC and Facebook.com/WTBBC with hashtag #WildWalkChallenge!. 

After your walk

Please complete the form below to pay in your donations securely or print out the attached form and send it to us with a cheque, then relax knowing you've helped protect wildlife where you live!

Fill out my online form.


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