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The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country wants to make sure that everyone has access to the natural environment because we know how beneficial it is for their mental and physical health.

We want to work together with healthcare providers because we know that we can help them save money by “prescribing” activity in natural environments that will help to reduce stress levels, encourage people to be more active and help them to avoid illness. If you are a GP, part of a commissioning group or any other healthcare professional who is interested in working together to help your patients get healthier through contact with nature, please get in touch.

If you want to find out about the activities happening near you, please see the “What's on” section of our website, which lists all the walks, volunteer days and family events that we are putting on. By joining us as a member, you will not only know that you are helping us in our work to protect local wildlife and provide activities to help people appreciate it, but you'll also receive e-newsletters with reminders of the upcoming events, magazines with information about local wildlife, where to see it and the work we're doing to protect it and a guide to all the best local wildlife sites to encourage you to get out and explore the area more.

Did you know that 150 mins of moderate activity per week can make a massive difference to your health?
• You can increase your life expectancy by 4.5 years
• You can reduce your chances of getting chronic illnesses by 30%
• You can become happier, fitter and more connected to your local community.

Despite the well recognised benefits of regular physical activity, only 40% of men and 28% of women in England, in 2006, met this public health recommendation.

We know that “Ecotherapy” and other forms of engagement with the natural environment is a cost-effective way of dealing with health problems.

• The cost of mental health problems to the economy in England is estimated to be £105 billion a year.
• Obesity costs the NHS £6 billion a year and diabetes £10 billion.

We want to help people to get or stay healthy and happy, to save the country money and to build strong communities that look after each other and the natural environment around them.

If you want to help us to do this too, please get in touch. You can find a pdf of our My Prescription poster attached below. If you wish to print it off and put it up where you work, please do so.


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