What we do

The Wildlife Trust works to create a Living Landscape in Birmingham and the Black Country for the benefit of wildlife and people.

Birmingham and the Black Country has a rich social, economic and natural heritage with wildlife as varied and valuable as that of any other part of the United Kingdom. The rare and the special are here, from scarce mammals like water voles and polecats to dragonflies and kingfishers, plus a huge variety of plant life.

Our vision is for Birmingham and the Black Country to have more wildlife, more wild places and more people with a strong connection to the natural world every year.

Our mission is that, recognising the importance of our unique natural heritage, shaped by local history, we will protect and restore the natural environment by:

  • leading by example, demonstrating what is possible in an urban area to protect and create wildlife-rich, accessible natural spaces.
  • connecting everyone with nature, recognising that we all - individuals, communities, local authorities and businesses - have a vital role to play in nature’s recovery.
  • championing the natural environment, inspiring, challenging and influencing people to stand up for nature.
  • working in partnerships to achieve the best results for nature.
  • using data, monitoring and evidence to inform our priorities and decision-making, and to measure our impact

Our values

  • We believe that human beings are part of nature.
  • Contact with the natural world is a universal right.
  • Our well-being depends on nature.
  • Wildlife and wild places are valuable in their own right.
  • We believe that we must all work together to enable the natural world to recover on land and at sea.
  • Change for the better starts at home.
  • United we stand, divided we fall.

Our strategic goals for 2017 – 2022:

  1. Space for nature is protected, restored, created and valued.
  2. Everyone is connected to nature.
  3. The natural environment is at the heart of planning, policy- and decision-making.
  4. We are an effective organisation.

Read our Strategy Plan for 2017 - 2022: A Greener Future. 


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Lesser Redpoll credit Margaret Holland

Lesser Redpoll - photo credit Margaret Holland