• The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham & the Black Country has responded to the Red Tape Challenge consultation with a robust defence of the role of wildlife legislation. In 21st century England with our daily commitments and concerns, it is easy to imagine the richness and quality of nature around us will just take care of itself, to go on being there and providing for our lives. This is a misconception. Without clear and robust focus on ways and means to secure its future, we will leave communities and the next generation with regrets instead of ongoing rewards. The natural environment is both an irreplaceable inheritance from the past, and a massive asset for the future, though typically overlooked in our leaders’ attention to priorities.

  • An economic study on behalf of the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country has valued the contribution of ‘Green Infrastructure’ to the area at around £21million a year – and this is a minimum estimate.

  • As the Government today (Friday 19 August) announces the England Biodiversity Strategy (EBS), The Wildlife Trust welcomes the ambitions within it.

  • Black Country Living Landscape Community Involvement Programme is inviting Black Country residents to ‘Go Wild’ this summer. There are a series of four Wildlife Road shows around the borough and a Black Country wide wildlife survey, the activities are completely free and all residents, families and groups are welcome to get involved.