The Wildlife Trusts are firmly opposed to the badger cull across the country and no Wildlife Trust will allow culling on its land. We support alternative methods of tackling bTB.

Badgers matter - what you can do

1. Support The Wildlife Trusts' e-action petition asking David Cameron to drop the cull

The Wildlife Trusts have launched an e-action to ensure the Prime Minister feels the weight of serious public concern that any plans for continued and extended culling will make matters worse. Click here to take part and ask David Cameron to drop the cull and develop an alternative strategy for tackling bovine TB.

If you've already signed it, please pass it on to your friends and make sure they sign it, too.

2. Contact your MP

Write to, email or tweet your local MP, urging them to put pressure on the Government to drop the cull. We've created a template letter for you to use but local, personalised contact works best.

3. Email your MEP about the EU cattle vaccine ban

Ask your MEP to press for the EU ban on a cattle vaccine to be lifted.
Find the details of your MEP. A cattle vaccine is the long term solution to the bTB problem, but EU rules currently prevent it from being tested and used in this country - find out why.